Restore RI Grant Adjustment Request Form - Streamlined

Beginning October 20, 2020, Restore RI applicants that applied in earlier rounds of the Restore RI grant program may now be eligible for increased grant amounts. To request an increase (potential doubling) of your original grant award ONLY, please complete this form to document your eligible expenses. Email the completed form to with your business name and "Grant Adjustment Request" in the subject line. A representative from the Restore RI program will contact you within 7 business days of receipt to discuss next steps. Please retain appropriate documentation to support your grant increase request.
Note: To request an adjustment to your original grant (e.g. based on the number of employees or contractors) in addition to the potential increase of your award, please do not use this form. Please use the Grant Adjustment & Increase Request Form available here

Section 1: Application Information

Section 2: List Eligible Expenses

Please list eligible expenses totaling at least the total of the original grant amount PLUS the requested increase in order to receive your maximum award. You may use the same expenses listed in your original grant application, new expenses, or a combination.
For example, if you received an original award of $4,500, expenses listed below should total $9,000 or more to receive the full grant increase. Expenses you list cannot be covered by another state or federal funding source (e.g. PPP, PUA, EIDL loan, etc.). You may list expenses since March 1, 2020 or that you will have through December 1, 2020. (Future expenses are allowed.)

Select category from dropdown menu for each entry. Example: Rent or mortgage interest payment.

Describe the fixed cost or COVID-related expense. Examples: (1) May rent, (2) April internet bill, and (3) tent and planters from hardware store for new outdoor seating area.

Date of invoice or payment (shown on retained documents).

Amounts must match those shown on retained documents(e.g. receipt, invoice, monthly statemtent, lease statement, etc.)

Note: you will be required to attest that data provided is accurate and true when you submit. Making intentional misrepresentations of fact will be subject to federal criminal prosecution. Please retain documentation (e.g. receipts, invoices, bank statements, etc.) of expenses you list as you may be asked to provide documentation during the application process. Listing higher value expenses (e.g. rent) may reduce the documentation you need to retain.